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How to Create a Dry Creek

STEP 3 Cover the bottom and the sloping sides of the stream bed with 1/2 inch of crushed pea gravel. The sharp edges of the gravel will keep it from migrating when it rains or when someone walks on it

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This was dug below grade, simulating the way water carves rocky terrain. I like the way plants grow in and along the bed, too. The designer is Bill Schnetz of Schnetz Landscape in Escondido.

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Dry stream bed. This one looks nice and natural. Good rock size combo and nice curves, width variation and with appropriate boulders and plantings

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Stock Photo titled: A Backyard Japanese Garden With A Dry Stream Bed, Lantern And Crane Statuary, unlicensed use prohibited

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These fish are beautiful and would be perfect in either a dry stream bed or a pond. However, if you live in a climate prone to hail, be sure that they are place in a sheltered location to prevent hail damage. ~EBM

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A dry creek bed is one of the ways the Missouri Botanical Gardens manages water-runoff properly. SHNS photo

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How To: Landscaping with Rocks

nice How To: Landscaping with Rocks The design of a rock garden and layout of stones is something that each of us must choose according to his taste. So the decision is subjective and ve...

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How to Create a Dry Creek

This dry stream bed looks so natural, you'd think it had always been part of the landscape. But it can be created by nearly any DIY-savvy homeowner. Here's how.

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How to DIY a Dry Creek Bed

DIY Dry Creek Beds • Wonderful Ideas and Tutorials! Including, from 'serenity in the garden', this awesome dry stream bed idea.

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Got drought? Make a dry stream bed, says blogger Debra Lee Baldwin, and you've got a beautiful path or garden area to plant with ornamental grasses.

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