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Curious one by sabotage64 #nes #microhobbit (o)'s a view of the current situation above my bed! - Wanted to dedicate this to my dear friend @nexxtgamefinds. He was the first friend I made on Instagram when my account was very new. He was also the first person I showed this portion of my collection to! Love ya Streer! #tomygamerfriend - Check out his page if you get a chance! He has a great collection and he's an awesome person!

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Amazing Street Art by Etam Cru

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29 Pictures of Street Art Interactions with the Nature. Amazing!

Dominican art manifests itself in different ways, here is a sample. Creation of Gabriel Abreu. Gabz Lpa HD, Dominican graffiti. @Gabz Lpa HD. The image was grafiteada on a wall located near the Temistocles Metz Stadium in the province of San Cristobal.