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Laura street fighter 5 é muito polemica


Shotos - Street Fighter

Sagat, Ken, Ryu, Akuma. This illustration was made by Japanese artist Edayan who has worked on multiple Street Fighter games. These dynamic illustrations are the last Street Fighter characters he drew for Capcom.


Man, I'm stoked for Street Fighter 5. I love all the new characters and I'm just loving the vibe of it! Laura most of all so I did some fan artness!  Yeah so, my Patreon content has landed. Th...


hironicamente: So, the history behind this image.Soon CAPCOM will release a special edition content with artbook and some other things called “sfv vital box”.The thing is, I really like the cover, the colors etc.But I didn’t like the lines, it’s to stylized to me  dunno, I really wanted a old school Kinu Nishimura thing you know?So I redid the image (since I only had a low res jpeg) from scrach and give it my own twist.Really happy how it turn out But then you might think “but the concept…