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Street Fighter: Cammy Bishoujo Statue

Following on from Street Fighter heroine Chun Li, Cammy has become the next of Street Fighter’s leading ladies to join Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line of beautiful female figures. Seen here in her classic green leotard and Delta Red insignia, Cammy is showing off some of her impressive moves in this excellently sculpted figure designed by Shun Yamashita. Like all the figures in the Bishoujo lineup, Cam...


balrog beard beret black_hair blanka blonde_hair blue_eyes blush braid brown_hair cammy_white capcom dhalsim edmond_honda eyepatch facial_hair fei_long fingerless_gloves gloves guile hat hibiki_dan juli juni kasugano_sakura ken_masters leotard long_hair m_bison mask muscle namboku nanboku panties ryuu_(street_fighter) sagat scar short_hair street_fighter thong twin_braids underwear vega zangief


A while back, my brother and I made an update to the mini Street Fighter pixel characters and since...

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Hadouken Coffee Wins the Day With A K.O

This is, without a doubt, the greatest art you will ever see swirled into a latte'. When you start your day with a Hadouken, you know your day is going to b