Learning to ground yourself and stay in the present are important skills for managing stress and anxiety.

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Muscle Tension during menopause is a symptom that is closely related to stress and anxiety. Estrogen has an inhibitive affect on the stress-hormone cortisol. When estrogen is low, levels of cortisol rise, raising blood pressure and blood sugar. Extended high levels of cortisol cause the muscles to tighten and become fatigued. Also, progesterone has a calming effect on the body and mind. When levels of progesterone begin to drop prior to menopause, muscles tend to become tense.

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Depression and anxiety symptoms often tend to overlap, especially in the older population, leading to an under-diagnosis of anxiety. However, treatment for the two disorders can be different - that's why it's important to accurately diagnose and assess these disorders in older adults.

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There are many ways a Himalayan salt lamp can help you mental health including reducing stress and anxiety and reducing some SAD symptoms in the winter.

According to the Nanjing, an ancient acupuncture text, the region between the scapulas is considered to be associated with emotions. Thus, the muscles in this area are commonly tightened, among individuals with chronic anxiety disorders as well as people who have been under chronic emotional stress. From a neuro-anatomical perspective, the area is also closely related to stress and anxiety conditions. http://www.acupuncturemoxibustion.com/acupuncture-points/anxiety-points/

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Are you feeling washed out, have poor memory, forget to eat meals (maybe no appetite), feeling tired and foggy? It could be you are low on B12. This amazing supplement helps supply oxygen to the body, is amazing for stress and anxiety, soothes the nervous system, is great for brain function and the formation of blood. Ask someone on your wellness team if this is something you might need. Vitamin B-12 Deficiency #health #infographic #diet

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