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DYI Fidget Ball: Put Play-Doh inside a balloon to make a little "stress ball" for fidgety hands. (Beans or rice are other options for filling the balloon.) #fidgetball

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Make stress balls out of balloons and either rice, flour, or beans! Take a balloon and stretch it out a little. Then fill it with rice, flour, or beans.( You can use a funnel.) You can decorate them in a million different ways. Lots of fun!

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Creative Stress Relief: You don't need a birthday party to have fun with balloons! Celebrate the release of your stress by creating & popping stress balloons. Balloons provide the ultimate stress relief. The act of blowing up a balloon is relieving because it makes you breathe deeper & more slowly, reducing our heart rate & relaxing our muscles. So gather some friends, get out your party balloons & pop that stress away! #balloons #creativestressrelief

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Play-doh filled stress ball balloons with emotions drawn with a Sharpie. Good calm-down strategy.

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Spain - Dave and Deb

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This Simple DIY Stress Ball Will Put Your Anxiety at Ease

If you deal with a lot of anxiety in your day-to-day life, a stress ball could really ease your worries. YouTube user DaveHax shared a slime stress ball that

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Stress Ball Balloons - balloons filled with playdough, with faces drawn on with markers. These are a great for discussing emotions as well as giving those little finger muscles a good work out!

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