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Note that there is a more developed version of this graphic here. This graphic depicts many different characteristics of what could be referred to as "Big T" trauma. I consider "Big T" trauma to refer to one impactful event or a time period of extreme stress with a clear beginning and end. The items listed…


I was bored, so i found this, and im not gonna do one question per day, ill probably do it all at once, but ima express each answer with a pin and see how it goes.


The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale Understanding the Impact of Long-term Stress; wiki article show scale for teens and college students


Easing the Pain of Cutting Kids From Sport: Are There Best Practices? The practice of cutting or the non-selection of athletes from sport teams is one of the most controversial debates in youth sport. Whether you believe the team selection process mimics the reality of life toughens kids up or on the contrary turns kids off sport or promotes elitism cutting is a reality of todays sport environment. Limited resources budgetary constraints a lack of coaches or simply the desire to be…

It is well-documented that having a child with autism puts stress on many marriages. To help such couples, a recent questionnaire-based study has analyzed which factors are associated with strong marriages and spousal relationship satisfaction.