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Miracle Oil To Prevent Stretch Marks. Easy to make in your own kitchen, and super nourishing for your skin. Three pregnancies and not one stretch mark! I use it daily!

from Life As Mama

7 Strategies For Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

7 Strategies For Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy-When the fog clears from the joy and excitement of finding out you�re pregnant,…


This is the best concoction I could have ever created! Take these three products and apply them once a day starting at 8-12 weeks pregnant. Once you start getting bigger and more itchy, up it to two times a day! I gained 60 lbs during pregnancy and not one stretch mark!

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The best lotion for stretch marks

Many women are looking for a miracle stretch mark cream to help prevent and treat stretch marks. Whether you get them from pregnancy, fast growth during puberty or rapid weight gain, find out what SheKnows editors, writers and readers say worked (and what didn't!) on their stretch marks.


9 Best Stretch Mark Creams to use during pregnancy. Nourish your skin as it grows and prevent those tell tale red marks. Stork Mama