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Stretching after workout

5 Minute Full Body Cool Down Exercises

Stretch and relax your entire body with this 5 minute routine. Cool down exercises to increase muscle control, flexibility and range of motion. Have fun!

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The perfect stretching routine with 10 simple stretches to do at home after an Orangetheory class or other HIIT workout.

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Essential Post-Workout Stretches – my custom workout created at • Click through to download as printable PDF! #customworkout

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12 Exercises To Get Rid of Your Mummy Tummy

Top 12 workouts and exercises to getting rid of your mommy belly fat after giving birth to your baby. Flatten your post pregnancy tummy, lose those stretch marks and get back into those tight pants you so love. Time to start feeling good taking pictures and photos again.

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4 Cool-Down Stretches For After Your Workout That Feel Ridiculously Good

For best results, cool-down stretches should be passive, so you’ll hold them for a while (as opposed to dynamic stretches before a workout, which you shouldn’t hold for long). As a rule of thumb, she aim for six to eight deep breaths.

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11 Great Pinterest Charts for Fitness

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17 Stretches You Need for When Your Body Can't Even

AFTER GYM STRETCHES: When everything aches because you haven't worked out in FOREVER, use these simple stretches from YouTube fitness star, Cassey Ho. Pin this graphic and use it next time you need a quick stretch! Find all the details and expert advice here.

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