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Striped Bass Lures

Three Surf Rigs You Should Know About


Handmade wooden topwater lures for peacock bass!

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Pre-Order: Killer Striped Bass Lure Kit

Start Catching More Stripers. Cut through the clutter and get started catching more stripers with this all-in-one kit. This kit comes with a printed version of "5 Killer Striped Bass Lures and How To Use Them" handbook. The kit will include a selection of lures discussed in the book so you can put what you read into action immediately. Lures included in the kit: 2 x Bucktail Jigs, 5 x Soft Swim Shads, 1 x Top Water Lure, 1 x Slab Jig. 5 Killer Striped Bass Lures handbook will help you: Learn 5 Killer Lures that you should be using. Learn how to present these lures to provoke the strike. Learn how to use these lures for more and bigger bites. Learn where to use them and the situations they are best suited for. Bonus 1: You will also receive the electronic version of the book to save on your computer. Bonus 2: One page printable summary of the tips discussed in electronic book to keep handy with your fishing equipment or in your tackle box. *Note: Lures in pic are a representation of what will come in the kit. Lure styles, sizes and colors will vary.*. Pre-order now to lock in this price.

from Gumroad

Downloadable eBook: 5 Killer Striped Bass Lures and How To Use Them

5 Killer Striped Bass Lures and How To Use Them


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2 Wholesale Bass Lures Huge striped bass


slab spoons are great striped bass lures

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The best striped bass lures to keep'em coming back for more.

Did you know the Sassy Shad is one of the top lures for stripers?