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8031 TUFTED VELVET MINI STAGE WITH STRIPPER POLE - ACCENTED WITH SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS Bring the sexiness to your house with this fabulous stripper pole. Featuring a mini stage that is upholstered in velvet and tufted with Swarovski crystals, it is a luxurious and fun addition to your home! As with many of our items, it can be customized to make it truly unique and yours alone!

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I'm thinking, cool bedroom for girls, but then I thought "stripper pole? WTH?". Then I realized it's a fireman style pole. I think...I HOPE it's a fireman style pole.

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DIY Stripper Pole! (Stripper not included)

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Not the only stripper pole in this home...

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aerial silks studio. i want one in my house... but with less silks and add some stripper poles

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