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Every queen needs a king who will do anything to protect her ... Who will love her till the end of time .... That's my Jay❤

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10 Relationship Quotes And Pictures

Yes but you MUST understand for you and your Mistress to be a complete team YOU MUST GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT cause YOU have wasted enough time you can't have it both ways so it's time to stop fucking playing games and get real!

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A strong woman will be a part of his struggle, survive it, succeed together, and build an empire.

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Chloe Smith @chloeeesmith 🙏😙Instagram photo

You know who you are. You people will always be in my heart and nothing will stop me from being there when you need.

I remember the night I saw that shining star outside of Shawn and Rachel's house... It was the single happiest moment of my life cuz after 2000 yrs, I found my one... Galaxies and nebulas

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