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Structure of Human Ear

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Anatomy of the Inner Ear anatomy poster beautifully illustrates temporal bone and structures of the ear.

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For anyone who's curious how the human bust cake came together, here's a basic overview: 1. Boards & internal structure; 2. The cake is assembled into the rough shape of a bust; 3. The cake is sculpted; 4. Iced in buttercream with facial details; 5. Eyes & ears made separately; 6. The head is covered in fondant and the eyes & ears are applied; 7. The face is airbrushed and eyebrows & (very short) gray hair are painted on; 8. The emperor gets his clothes--the cake is complete! 9. I seeeeeee…

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[Total: 0 Average: 0/5] Human Ear Structure And Function (a) Structure of Human Ear The ear consists of three compartments, outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. The part of ear which we see outside the head is called outer ear. The outer ears consists of broad part called pinna and about 2 to …

pin 1 I found some basic drawing tutorials, and I thought it would be nice to share this with you, guys!

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