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A personal emotional bank account for the students data notebook. The 7 Habits of highly productive students and Leader In Me promotes drops in the bucket and making withdrawals into personal bank accounts. This chart can be used for students to write down when they add to people's emotional bank accounts and when they make withdrawals.

from BuzzFeed

What A $100 Million Bank Account Balance Looks Like

I guess when you have $100 Million in the bank the $2.75 ATM fee doesn't matter. Please visit for more joy


"you make me smile" wall I made in my fourth grade classroom:) Students would write on little smiley faces and put them in other students envelopes.


This is posted in the room for students to reference. Notice that they have to pay bills each month ($50)! Students keep track of their money on a Bank Account Ledger. I do not actually hand out classroom currency or physical checks each week (as I have done in the past) because it is simply too much work. Students keep a ledger of their money and every entry must be signed by one of our student economists.


"We make deposits in others' Emotional Bank Accounts!" Thinking win-win because if you add a drop in the bucket, that person feels great and so do you!