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Student Id Discounts

Student ID Discounts- I DIDNT KNOW HALF OF THESE. AMAZING. I wonder if I can still pass as myself almost 10 years now.

A College Student's Gold... 36 places to get discounts with your student ID! (A bunch of places I didn't know about, like H & M and J.Crew!)

18 Sweet Deals You Can Get With Your Student ID...because even though I already graduated I can totally still use the discounts

So much money can be saved by simply flashing your student ID card, yet so many college students never do this. I honestly don't even believe you have to be a current college student, you could sti... www.fitnancials.c...

40 places you can get a discount if you show your student ID card. Will definitely be taking advantage of this when I start grad school.

Apparel Stores That Give Student ID Discounts

Always carry your ID with you... 70 places to get discounts. Our culture takes pity on poor college students, so you should always carry yours with you.


Stores with Student Discounts - Save Money with Discounts for College Students - show them your student ID - this could help alot.. i wonder if my ole miss ID counts lol

36 amazing student discounts!

40 Stores With Student Discounts // Her Campus

40 stores with student discounts! Many stores offer student discounts, even if they don’t broadcast them. If you’re not sure whether or not a store offers a discount, go ahead and ask. You may end up finding more deals than you were bargaining for. And always carry your student ID

Senior citizens and college students have one amazing thing in common- special discounts just for them! Oh yes, collegiettes™, we get money off on clothing, accessories, dorm room necessities, and so much more just by simply flashing our school ID. While you may think you know all the deals in your area, Her Campus is here with a list sure to have you grabbing your car keys for an impromptu mall run. Because who doesn’t love a good discount?

81 Student Discounts--including McDonalds, Burger King, Chipotle, and Subway, for 10% off with ID. I will have to try this. potential embarrassment though if it isn't true!

35 Discounts You Didn't Know Your Student ID Can Get You. How did I not know about these before!?

Discounts for college students (make sure you have your college ID)

Topshop gives a 10% discount on in-store and online purchases. | 18 Sweet Deals You Can Get With Your Student ID

Stores With Student Discounts, get up to 20% off at certain stores with your college ID

Free Homeschool ID Card - For Teachers and Students - Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Great for teacher discounts!

On Thursdays, AMC offers discounted student tickets. | 18 Sweet Deals You Can Get With Your Student ID

List of student ID discounts & perks to watch for.

discounts for college. I had know idea I could get a discout at these retail stores and restaurants just by showing my student ID!!!

Found out how to get a student discounts at forever21 www.studentratetr...

Top 35 Student ID Discounts. Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, J. Crew, The Limited, Urban Outfitters, and tons more!! How did I never know about this!?

Stores with Student Discounts - Save Money with Discounts for Students - Seventeen