Always carry your ID with you... 70 places to get discounts. Our culture takes pity on poor college students, so you should always carry yours with you.

How to Manage Money in College: Start with Student Discounts | Dormify

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18 deals you can get with just your Student I.D., because we're all struggling college students here.

Discounts for college students (make sure you have your college ID)

The Ultimate College Student Discount List | Chegg Blog

places that offer student ID discounts -- entertainment, shopping, food

A College Student's Gold... 36 places to get discounts with your student ID! (A bunch of places I didn't know about, like H & M and J.Crew!)

So much money can be saved by simply flashing your student ID card, yet so many college students never do this. I honestly don't even believe you have to be a current college student, you could sti...

Student ID Discounts- I DIDNT KNOW HALF OF THESE. AMAZING for high schools and college ID's

Being a college student isn’t cheap. Between nights out with friends, lunch with your roommate, the occasional movie, groceries, toiletries, and annual tuition, your expenses can rack up quickly. But don’t worry; there are a ton of stores out there that feel your pain and are willing to offer you a break with their student discounts. Check out some of these places next time you’re looking to do some smart shopping and save some cash. Apparel

These awesome student discounts will help you save so much money! HINT: keep your ID even after you graduate because some companies still accept them!

How to Make Student ID Cards

Stores with Student Discounts - Save Money with Discounts for College Students - show them your student ID - this could help alot.. i wonder if my ole miss ID counts lol

11 online resources every college student should know about

20 stores that offer college students discounts! This website in general has a lot of great information on it!

If you're a teacher or have children in high school or college (or if you're taking courses yourself), you know that having a valid student ID can unlock lucrative back-to-school savings. To make s...

Free Homeschool ID Card - For Teachers and Students - Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Great for teacher discounts!

Find out the stores that offer student discounts on everything from clothing to computers to software!

Great resource for tracing German Roots online ....go here for discount! See:

Awesome tapestries for your dorm from Urban Outfitters! Click thru to get a student discount!

Vineyard Vines gives 15% off with student ID! Found out and used both that and J. crew discount yesterday :) joys of finally being a college student!

How to get your college discount hustle on