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This is an editable progress/goal graph to chart student progress in reading. I believe it is important for students to set goals and see their growth. This graph can also be shared with parents to communicate progress and facilitate growth in reading.My district currently uses DRA levels to track student reading progress.


Running Record was created by Marie Clay. Here is a cheat sheet to remember the codes, how to calculate accuracy, accuracy rate categories, and scoring. Running record is a quick informal assessment to see where students are in their reading progress.


Here is a great way to organize individual reading goals for your students. This goal sheet has a build in rubric for the teacher or student to use to track progress. It can be used during Cafe' conferencing, guided reading groups, or after administering a running record.


Use with the fluency rubric...Let students read a passage and recored themselves reading. Review the reading with the student...They can reread as many times as you want them to!! Kids need to hear their reading and assess their fluency...Love it!