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4 Really Cool Ways Teachers Use Post-it Notes in the Classroom

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Use this fun handout to get to know your students! This activity is probably geared towards upper elementary but can be used with all students. Kids can draw a self portrait or include a photograph.

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Blending Cards

Blending Cards for Kindergarten, first and second grade reading. The cards can be used for instruction for kindergarten and first grade and and RtI for second grade. The cards are set up so that students: 1. Say the sounds • • • (with the large dots) 2. Blend the sounds (with the dotted lines) 3. Say it fast (with the arrow)

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Learning all about 1 less and 1 more on the 99 chart. Students will use this with the 99 chart to find 1 more and 1 less. This is great for introducing the 1 more/1 less concept, morning work, and math centers. Please leave feedback after you have reviewed the product.

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Print and Play Number Sense Games

I am loving these easy number sense games for kindergarten and first grade! These print and play activities are in black and white and are perfect for teaching students number sense within 20.

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Don't Forget To Use Spaces! {Spaceman Freebie} for Made it Monday

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Grammar book which helps students with their different grammar skills. Provides all the right grammar techniques.

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