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Students identify

Which Doesn't Belong- Beginning Sounds

Which Doesn't Belong beginning sounds cards can be used both as a phonemic awareness or phonics activity depending on your students needs. Students identify the 4 pictures on the card and select the picture with a different beginning sound.


My Worry Cup Worksheet


Figurative Language STATIONS - Common Core

Fun, motivating stations for figurative language and sound devices get students thinking deeply and creatively! You get 8 different stations with task cards and inviting student handouts for each. Students identify and analyze figurative language, and then brainstorm to apply their knowledge in imaginative ways.


Included you will find a "snippet" from my Growth Mindset resource. Directions for how to create the flip-flap book are included. This freebie will have students identify a time that they were faced with a struggle. They will also explain what a fixed mindset would be vs.


The Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: A Guide to Implementing Student-led Conferences


May the Friendship Be With You: Social Skills Activity

May the Friendship Be With You: Social Skills ActivityHelp early elementary students identify positive and negative characteristics of friendship. Sorting mats (Friendship Force/Dark Side) & 32 characteristics. Great for role-play and group discussions.


Card game "OOPS" to help pre-school students identify numbers 1-30 in preparation for kindergarten! Fun game and so easy!


Free printable worksheet for school counselors: What Others See in Me from What Do You Really Want? How to Set a Goal and Go for It! A Guide for Teens. Use it to help students identify strengths.


Social Skills: winter problem solving and emotional regulation

Snow ProblemThis winter themed product will help your elementary students (or those working at this social cognitive level) identify problems, determine the size of a problem and choose a matching emotional reaction. There are color and black & white printing options along with extension ideas and activities to continue working on these important social skills!


Triggers for Anger - Anger Management SkillsHelp kids identify their anger triggers with this free set of three printable worksheets. Two worksheets focus on having students list the triggers that cause them to feel angry. They can then be used as part of a discussion or an anger management plan to help kids deal with their anger in more positive ways.