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14 Useful Study Hacks That'll Make Your Life A Little Bit Easier

Via buzzfeed: If you write down the information and stick it somewhere you always see, you’ll start consuming it more. The more you consume it, the more likely you’ll be to remember it.

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IF you can’t find the motivation to get to work on something, force yourself to pick it up for just two minutes. FORCE: procrastination is tempting, but there is nothing physically stopping you from doing what you have to do. After two minutes, if not, put it away and go do something else. Even if you stop after 2min minutes, you will have 2 min worth of knowledge that you did not have before. The hardest part is getting started.

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The best flashcard slash notes system for vocabulary. Easier with a sheet of paper and without the traditional index cards

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20 Study Notes That Are Too Pure For This World

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10 Study Tips To Help You Ace Any Exam

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18 Back To School DIY Projects That Will Keep Your Work Organized

Even in the year when we have all of the technology in the world right at our fingertips, the old-fashioned practice of handwriting notes in class continues to be the best method of learning. Actually writing things down on paper – not typing them,

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25 Studying Photos That Will Make You Want To Get Your Shit Together

Suddenly I have an urge to go to an office supply store????? | 25 Studying Photos That Will Make You Want To Do Well In School For Once

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17 Kick-Ass Study Tricks That Actually Work

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studypetals: 3.20.16+5:20pm // 20/100 days of productivity // i wanted to show how i organized my notes, so i made a little reference page on the plane ride back home. zoom in for better quality! song of the day: “young and stupid” - travis mills ft. t.i.

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