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STYLE (They All Hate Us)

First Impressions are always the most important, and the way you carry yourself says so much!

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quote of the day have you bought tickets to our upcoming fashion show? check it out ☝✌️

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.That my motto...words to live by, I've NEVER been a fashion/trend follower.. I hv my own style and don't care what "fashion/trend" is in or out of date!

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Yes to this in everything. This goes hand in hand with ways in which God provides for us: one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is wisdom, which is the ability to judge the things of this world in light of the highest end of man-- contemplation of God. And if we keep this in mind as we buy less but buy well, we might just have more than we think when it comes to being generous with God and with others, especially the poor.

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The 22 Best Pinterest Quotes to Brighten Your Day

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