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Subcutaneous Cyst

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sebaceous cysts pictures

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The Biggest Horse Pimple

The Biggest Horse Pimple...I think this is probably an infected subcutaneous cyst rather than a pimple

Sparganosis Subcutaneous nodules or internal abscesses or cysts.


Image Quiz: Cutaneous & Subcutaneous Neoplasms | Clinician's Brief folicular cyst

Atheroma is a benign tumor of the subcutaneous tissue. It is sometimes also referred to as epidermoid cyst (epidermis – skin – cyst cavity located in an abnormal organ or tissue). That is an accumulation of the degenerative material in the inner layer of artery walls which contains (cholesterol and fatty acids) calcium and variable quantity of fibrous connective tissue. Sebum, which has a protective skin function, is accumulated by the sebaceous glands in the subcutaneous tissue. It’s not…