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Subtraction Strategy Games - Count Backs, Using Doubles, Subtracting 9 and 10

Subtraction games to consolidate the subtraction strategies - each of the seven games in this pack is designed to reinforce a single subtraction strategy. Included in the pack: Rainbow Rows - subtraction from 10 Elephant Dance - counting back 1, 2 or 3 Dragon Quest - subtracting doubles Head Start - subtracting doubles plus one more Mousetrap - subtracting doubles plus two more Rockets and Stars - subtracting 9 Point - subtracting 10

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Strategies for Dividing with Remainders

This worksheet guides students through two different strategies for dividing with remainders - using counters and repeated subtraction. I have included a

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Solve & Sort Addition & Subtraction Strategies FULL PACK BUNDLE

Solve & Sort Addition and Subtraction Strategies. Have your students dive a little deeper in their thinking. After solving the addition and subtraction strategy facts, the students have to sort the facts by which strategy they used to solve the equation. It's meaningful and allows you to see if your students are really internalizing math facts.

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Subtraction Strategies

Subtraction Strategy Sort-Students sort subtraction flash cards according to the subtraction strategy used to determine the difference. Strategies included are counting back,using doubles, think addition, and making tens.$

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Subtraction Strategy Posters

Subtraction Strategy Posters:Teaching subtraction strategies to your students is essential for building up their mental computation and problem solving skills. These subtraction posters will provide a clear, bright and engaging visual reminder for you to display in your classroom as you teach each subtraction strategy.


Addition and Subtraction Strategies – games for homework, morning work or math centers. from Teaching Trove on - (28 pages) - These 20 addition and subtraction strategy games have been designed to be used for reviewing each addition and subtraction strategy used for teaching basic number facts