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Subway Halal

Subway - halal - people better start refusing to purchase halal - people are not even told that the meat they are eating is halal in England - and Canada just announced Campbells is now Halal

MUSLIMS FORCE SUBWAY TO REMOVE ALL BACON AND PORK IN 200 UK STORES_In countries where Muslims know that they are feared, like in England, they will not rest until Islam and its damnable Sharia Law are in control. Subway UK has removed ham and bacon from almost 200 stores, and switched to halal meat alternatives in an attempt to please its Muslim customers; all the meat will now be prepared according to halal rules. BARBARIC savages!

from Mail Online

Subway removes ham from nearly 200 stores after 'demand' from Muslims

Subway removes ham and bacon from nearly 200 stores and offers halal meat,only after 'demand' from Muslims! "To be halal, the food must have come from a supplier that uses halal practices. Specifically the slaughter must be performed by a Muslim, WHO MUST INVOKE THE NAME OF 'ALLAH' prior to killing the animal." (READ MORE!) I will NEVER buy from Subway again and NEVER eat anything that says Halal on it!