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Sudocrem For Spots

from goodtoknow

11 things you didn't know you could do with Sudocrem


The nightly beauty regime...I swear by this for getting rid of spots!! 1) wash face with facial scrub using facial brush (as this digs deep into pores) until face tingles 2) Dry face with clean flannel 3) Using cotton wool balls (not fingers/hands) dab sudocrem over affected areas and leave overnight (I smear the sudocrem over whole face/neck as a night mask once a week) 4) Repeat stages 1-3 when you wake up and follow with your normal makeup/moisturiser regime {maybe messy on pillowcases}


Sudocrem--becomes a staple when you first have a baby that you never let yourself run out of, ever again. The absolute BEST healing cream for spots, blemishes and minor skin ailments.

Apply Sudocrem to your nose, your cheeks, or wherever you have blackheads. Go to sleep (don't worry, it won't rub off) an in the Morning the blackheads have shrunk!! I tried this and it worked. I hope it works for you too xxx


Model Must-Haves

Sudocrem - magic stuff, I coat myself in it regularly. It heals cuts quickly and reduces redness of spots and ingrown hairs while also improving my skin. I hear Cheryl Cole swears by it too!