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Sudocrem On Face

Sudocrem: More recently, people have realized that a little dab works as an overnight spot treatment for acne, and as demonstrated on the reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex (think Jersey Shore for the UK), it also works as a face mask. This is honestly one of my all-time favorite skincare products.


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Aspirin acne mask - the absolute BEST DIY mask to get rid of blackheads and redness! Click image for directions.


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The comments more than the article itself - wonders. I dab it on wherever or if I feel like my whole face is a mess...apply a thin layer of sudocrem all over & just leave it. Preferably over night


Sudocrem as a supercheap, super effective beauty treatment. I already loved this stuff as a mum - it's the only product that really prevents and cures nappy rash. I've used it as an all-night face mask a few times now, and it's not only reduced the red patches on my skin, it's also stopped my face getting so oily, without drying it out. In fact my face is super soft. It's a miracle for less than three quid a pot!


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1/4 cup coconut oil 1/4 cup honey mix together and apply thin layer of mixture to face/neck and let set for 10-15b minutes. finally, wash off the mask with warm water and PAT dry with a towel.


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