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Suez Canal Definition

's High-definition DVD showing the side of the preparations for the opening ceremony of the Suez Canal city of Port Said November 1869


Chapter 11: I'd been on the cargo ship dragging through the days when a rotgut liquid declared its affinity for my veins. The Suez Canal opened for our ship to weave through it's ports, sans my inspection, and for all I knew, the Red Sea could have been blue...

The Cat's Table: moves so slowly, and then suddenly you realize what the story was all along. Definitely one to re-read.

Port Said Light, Suez Canal, Egypt. 1869. The Lighthouse of Port Said is one of the most important architectural and tourist landmarks in the city of Port Said in Egypt.


Al Gezirah Palace by the Nile was built by Khedive Ismail of Egypt in 1869 to host the French Empress Eugenie who was invited by the Khedive to attend the opening ceremony of the Suez Canal.

Santa Claus Travel Egypt <> Contact us: Port Said is a city that lies in north east Egypt extending about 30 km along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, north of the Suez Canal, with an approximate population of 603,787 (2010). [1] The city was established in 1859 during the building of the Suez Canal.

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