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6 amazing things that happen when you quit sugar

If you want to be well, then sugar is not your friend. From type-2 diabetes to mood swings, the effects of what sugar really does to your body are already well-known. – I Quit Sugar

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Lofthouse Sugar Cookie Bars

Super soft sugar cookies piled with vanilla buttercream frosting and lots of sprinkles! Tastes just like a Lofthouse Sugar cookie, and so easy to bake since they're in bar form.

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Chocolate Sugar Cookies

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What Do Coconut Oil and the Color of Urine Have in Common? — Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic

What Do Coconut Oil and the Color of Urine Have in Common

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11 Weird Things Sugar Is Doing to Your Body

You probably never knew just how bad sugar was! via @rodalenews

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40 Low Sugar and No Sugar Desserts

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Top 21 Superfoods for Diabetics

The best superfoods for diabetics are the ones that are high in healthy nutrients and also keep blood sugar down and/or level. Eat more of these healthy foods if you suffer from type II diabetes!

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27 Amazing Charts That Will Turn You Into A Baking Whiz

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