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Summarizing speech

Summarizing Doodle Notes and Learning Activities - Sketch Notes & Hands-On Fun

Teaching students how to summarize can be a daunting task. Often, its one of the hardest reading strategies for students to grasp. Thats where this Doodle and Do mini-unit comes in! This resource includes summarizing graphic organizers, reading comprehension worksheets and passages that help students practice the skill of summarizing texts.Heres how it works: First, students will complete highly engaging Doodle Notes about summarizing.

This freebie is meant to help readers distinguish between retelling and summarizing fiction text. Why is that important? Retelling is great for sequencing skills and retaining information, however it requires a relatively low cognitive load. Summarizing, on the other hand, challenges readers to focus on the big picture, paraphrase the author's words, and determine which events are the most important to the overall theme of the book.


Summarizing Text in the Primary Classroom

Helping students understand how to summarize text can be a struggle. These suggestions will guide your students to retell a non-fiction text in their own words.


Free Printable of the Week: Summarizing Graphic Organizers (Grades 2-4