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there is something so beckoning in the feel, scent and beauty of a warm Summer rain

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(Open rp) *tyler, Cameron Caroline and Nia sit on the porch of their house. They hear their father drive up, already knowing he's drunk.* Tyler) let's leave... * gets up and rushes them away from the house. His father gets out of the car and tries to run after them. They all run through the woods, hearing gunshots. Tyler runs fastly, but then runs into you.*

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Fluir meditation natural meditacion. tumblr_nsx94bcnw21rx771wo1_1280.png (955×1436)

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This! I'd love to be sitting on this patio right now. Beautiful light captured in this photo.

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“Suddenly this defeat.This rain. The blues gone gray. And the browns gone gray. - ― Jack Gilbert

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Spring rain now that's nice I wouldn't mind walking in that rain

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“I’m thinking that all it takes to make fantasy become a reality are two words: yes, please.” ~Maya Stein

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