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Title: summer solstice; By: laura minning; Date: june 2016; Medium: candle wax, crayons and nail polish

Summer Solstice 2016 (Northern Hemisphere) Date: June 20 2016 Location: Austria Bosnia & Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Estonia Hong Kong Iceland Ireland Israel Japan Latvia Macedonia (FYROM) Poland Portugal Serbia Slovakia Slovenia South Korea Switzerland Tags: summer leaves tree squirrel strawberry rocks googley eyes

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6 Sexy, Romantic, and Slightly Crazy Traditions to Celebrate the Summer Solstice Today!

It's almost Memorial Day weekend, which unofficially kicks off the season of all things outdoors—including dates, obviously! You can do dinner and a movie...

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Summer solstice - is the longest day of the year, and in 2012 the hottest... Remember to drink plenty of fluids, and to water your plants.

Serpent Mound - Ohio Serpent Mound - OhioCredit: dreamstime. The figure of a giant snake, apparently uncoiling itself, was excavated in the late 19th century. The massive serpent is nearly a quarter-mile long. Recent carbon-dating research suggests the Fort Ancient culture built the monument roughly 900 years ago. The serpent's body is made of raised berms of grassy earth that weave across a plateau. On the summer solstice, the setting sun aligns with the snake's head.

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Stonehendge England.... Meaning of Solstice 'Solstice' (Latin: 'solstitium') means 'sun-stopping'. The point on the horizon where the sun appears to rise and set, stops and reverses direction after this day. On the solstice, the sun does not rise precisely in the east, but rises to the north of east and sets to the north of west, meaning it's visible in the sky for a longer period of time.

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Afbeelding…/ wiel van het jaar …

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First Day of Summer 2017: The Summer Solstice

10 ways to celebrate summer solstice from the farmers almanac site

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