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"She blew a kiss, it missed my face, and drifted into outer space, and kissed the sun, and made it smile, now it's been bright, for quite a while." - Dallas Clayton

HJ-Story :: Você já se sentiu tão mal que você só quer se esconder em um buraco?? Eu me escondo com você!


I've had a strong tie to the beach ever since I was little. :) Got it from my momma. :) Got the farm part from my papi <3 #IslandFolks


Something I feel when with my friends. Not that they aren't gorgeous on the outside, but they are e1ually if not more stunning in presence and personality. I've recently been feeling incredibly lucky to have them - they were a part of me that I now realize I could have. A second family that could very well be connected to the first on some ways too. @thequotethief