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Listen up all you at-home waxers! If you have trouble after waxing with redness like I do (senstitive skin)'s what I do....after waxing, use a cotton ball (or two) with baby oil on it to remove all traces of remaining wax. Wash your face to get the oil off. Let your face air dry then apply a thin coat of aloe, yes, the same stuff you use on a sunburn, to the freshly waxed area(s). I prefer the cooling aloe just because it feels better and smells minty. The redness and puffiness of…

Just because it's Autumn doesn't mean you should stop protecting your skin! (Courtesy of Pico Prince)

Just because it's Autumn doesn't mean you should stop protecting your skin! (Courtesy of Pico Prince)


Top 7 Benefits of Cucumber for Healthy Skin - #beauty #Infographics #wellness


Rollicking all day? Your skin does not must go through only due to the fact that you're busy! Deliver a pack of energizing face wipes. Additional recommendations on


I have used Argan Oil for about a year now and recommend it to anyone. I put it on my hair before I flat Iron it and it's shiny, so soft, unfrizzy, and undamaged, and on my hair when it's curly and it takes the frizz out...I put it on my face morning and night...I put it on my hands and nails and lips. I didn't know it helped heal wounds and sunburns but that totally makes sense!


Are you finding your skin sensitive and getting sunburn regularly? Here are some tips to get rid of the sunburn on face naturally. Things you should know to keep your skin beautiful and flawless. For details visit

Bara woman farmers in her rice paddy fields close to the Isalo National Park, Madagascar ~ she has put on her face a paste made from the powdered seeds and wood of a special tree to prevent sunburn. Photo: Nigel Pavitt, John Warburton-Lee Photography


Amazing new product launched in Vegas 2014. Rejuvenating cream- get ur hands on this or try it.