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Arduino Night Light and Sunrise Alarm Project

Humans are naturally programmed to wake up with the sunrise; sadly modern life is dictated by an arbitrary clock, often forcing us to wake up when there is no natural light. Today, we'll be making a sunrise alarm clock, which will gently and slowly wake you without resorting to an offensive noise-making machine. If making…


Sunrises are a reminder that every day is a fresh start...a reset in life. No need to hold onto the memories of yesterday. Today is a new opportunity to create new magic. Today and always. Coming soon to are the reminders we've learnt and desire to share <3


I think I almost spent more time floating in the sea than on land today and now for some night swimming!


This whole picture is amazing! I absolutely love the sky. The shapes of all of the clouds and also the fact that the sun is casting a warm glow over everything!