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9 Videos You Should Definitely See This Week

Let's edit the tired adage "like a girl" to "kick ass like a girl"! Our hard-wired society needs to watch and show our children--boys and girls--this video until the strength and power of the female are recognized in EVERYTHING !

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James Franco gif from Ford Super Bowl commercial 2014

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Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial 2014 - Puppy Love ! They're killing me here! Every year Budweiser has the best commercials during the Superbowl! :)

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Budweiser ‘Puppy Love’ commercial for Super Bowl wins America’s heart

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Which Super Bowl Ads Were the Best of the Night?

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this ad is for radio shack. it uses humour to gather attention from the viewer. with such a collaboration of characters viewers are drawn in from their curiosity, and that's also what makes them remember the ad long after its over.

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Coca-Cola's Superbowl commercial of different cultures singing America the Beautiful in their own languages evokes an emotional response, therefore using affective attitude concepts.