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Super Bowl Commercials 2014

Awakenings: Superbowl Commercials - What makes a good commercial? or should the question be What makes a commercial good? Apparently that is a tough question either way you word it since too many commercials are absolutely stupid. What is really sad is in all their stupidity one thing stands remember it! UGH! Maybe that is the point. The stupider the ad the more it is talked about! Hello!

This is Kia's 2014 super ball commercial. It use ethos in the way of letting Morpheus in the movie "The matrix" to represent the Luxury. It shows the powerful, the comfortable, the beautiful of the car. The sentence at the end of the commercial "Challenge the luxury you know." again connects the car with the Matrix.


Super Bowl commercials 2014: Watch the ads here

Super Bowl Commercials 2014: Watch all the ads here

Stephen Colbert’s Wonderful Pistachios Ad I will never forget the tiny, green mini-Colbert inside Stephen Colbert’s cracked-open head in part 2 of this commercial.

this ad is for radio shack. it uses humour to gather attention from the viewer. with such a collaboration of characters viewers are drawn in from their curiosity, and that's also what makes them remember the ad long after its over.


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