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Funny Photos and Videos - Page 254

I've done this at Olive Garden. My sister first got confused and just said 'yes', but then they repeated it and she was like 'Ohhhh salad!'. I heard and saw ALL of it. Yet I did the same thing

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34 Super Funny And Cute Animal Pictures

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I looked this video up on YouTube and it's called "Sitting and Smiling #5" and at around 2:36:30 a robber does come through the door and says "hello?" then leaves. The guy sits there smiling for an hour and a half more.

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19 Things Every Bunny Lover Understands

Funny Animal Pictures With Captions Please?!?!?!?!. Want to find amazing iPad, mini, Mini Retina, Air Case, click to

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>>>these are hilarious<<< 30 funny animal captions - part 2 (30 pics)

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dont forget sonic dash>> Sonic dash OUT OF HERE

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My dad’s other favorite…

Now I'm gonna have *that* song stuck in my mental audio loop with accompanying video of Ghandi dancing with Mary Poppins, Dick van Dyke & penguins :-O

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I've never seen a cat so proud.

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Lucian introduces Robin to her foxy grandpa XD

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6 YouTube Videos of People Falling Down -

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