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By late Friday, sources close to Trump were saying Trump intends to “create and fund super-PACs specifically aimed at ending the political careers of Ted Cruz and John Kasich should either run for office again.” On “Meet the Press” yesterday, the Republican nominee confirmed those plans to NBC’s Chuck Todd.

the Donald Trump campaign's new national finance chair, Steven Mnuchin, and the federal corruption conviction of the senior strategist for Trump's newly embraced super PAC, Jesse Benton.

Super PAC Uses Tasteless Gun Images to Endorse GOP Candidate Jesse Kelly, Who is Running for Gabrielle Giffords' Seat

Romney Super PAC Falsely Claims Pres. Obama is "Trying to Force Gay Marriage" on America

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Trump Super Pac chair: Donald Trump needs 'a miracle' to win – as it happened

Yes, there are examples of rigged elections in U.S. history—but that doesn't mean there's cause to worry about this year's presidential race


Robert Menendez Indictment Points to Corrupting Potential of Super PACs

The indictment of Senator Menendez is the first significant corruption case since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which loosened restrictions on campaign contributions.

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Super PAC coffers swell with more than $700 million

The shake-up of Mr. Trump’s campaign was set in motion by people and groups backed by the political action committee of a New York investor, Robert Mercer.

The day before the election, the New York Times noted that Donald Trump was privately musing about the ways in which he would “punish his enemies” after the campaign, “including a threat to fund a ‘super PAC’ with vengeance as its core mission.”

A police officer tells a demonstrator from the American Bridge 21st Century super PAC that he can not block the sidewalk outside the polling place outside Webster School on Feb. 9 in Manchester, New Hampshire. (Getty)

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Donald Trump's Super Pac backers worry candidate's errors are piling up

Donald Trump's Super Pac backers worry candidate's errors are piling up | US news | The Guardian