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Adrian Meredith: "April 1985 Concorde flies supersonic G-BOAG This is a dramatic picture of Concorde flying at supersonic speed. This is the only picture ever taken of Concorde flying at Mach2, 1,350 mph. This unique picture was taken by me from a Tornado fighter jet, which only rendezvoused with Concorde for just 4 minutes over the Irish Sea, Photograph by Adrian Meredith The RAF Tornado was rapidly running out of fuel, and was struggling to keep up with Concorde, at…

from NASA

T-38C Passes in Front of the Sun at Supersonic Speed

Bright sun with tip of aircraft passing in front at supersonic speed

Picture of the Aerion AS2 / SBJ (Supersonic Business Jet) The Aerion SBJ is set to introduce supersonic speeds into mainstream business flying once more.


The golden veil of light cloaks a young stellar object known only as IRAS 14568-6304. It is ejecting gas at supersonic speeds and eventually will have cleared a hole in the cloud, allowing it to be easily visible to the outside Universe.


A cloud forms as this F/A-18 Hornet aircraft speeds up to supersonic speed. Sonic boom amazing

from Mail Online

Nasa tests pave way for a high speed planes quieter than Concorde

Is the future supersonic? Hopes for super speedy journeys by air have been rekindled as a number of companies, including Boeing (pictured) have unveiled concepts for supersonic jets of the future, and Nasa has begun tests to work out a way of creating an aircraft that is not as noisy as Concorde was