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Supreme Court of the United States - ONE MONTH FROM TODAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2013: The Supreme Court of the United States in full conference will review evidence of forged I.D.'s used by the president.


Yeah, she arranged Putin's Russia, sale of US Uranium Ore Rights ... soon thereafter there was a LARGE contribution funneled to the Clinton Foundation from the Russia, who is Putin's buddy again Hillary?!?

from Teachers Pay Teachers

upreme Court Simulation – Should Woman Be Drafted? (Judicial Review) This is an engaging activity to have your secondary Civics or American Government class participate in. Students will pretend they are justices on the Supreme Court to determine the constitutionality of the Military Selective Service Act outlined in the case Rostker vs. Goldberg. Students will be able to understand the power of judicial review of the Supreme Court. A power point presentation, link to film clip,


Bill Gates may face the ramifications of 'poisoning' millions of Indian children with vaccines, if the Supreme Court of India has anything to say about it.


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg offered a grim assessment of the judicial confirmations process. If she were nominated to the Supreme Court today, her background as a civil rights attorney would likely prevent her from being confirmed: