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Sutton Hoo Purse..The base was made of bone or ivory overlain with seven decorative plaques worked in gold with cloisonne garnets and millefiori glass. The purse held gold coins and ingots


Ceremonial Mask of Sutton Hoo: Sutton Hoo, near Woodbridge, in Suffolk, England is the site of two 6th- and early 7th-century cemeteries. One contained an undisturbed ship burial including a wealth of Anglo-Saxon artifacts of outstanding art-historical and archaeological significance, now held in the British Museum in London. by Malcolm Bott

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Sutton Hoo, National Trust

Sutton Hoo, awe-inspiring Anglo-Saxon royal burial site. This hauntingly beautiful 255 acre estate, with far-reaching views over the river Deben, is home to one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time.


Anglo-Saxon shoulder clasp; late 6th-early 7th, Sutton Hoo, England Half of a gold shoulder-clasp; the plain gold pin has an animal-head terminal in filigree. Central panel filled with millefiori glass and garnet cells is bordered on each side with designs of interlacing beasts, their bodies formed of inlaid garnets and their eyes of blue glass. Two interlinked garnet cloisonné boars compose the rounded end. Medium: gold, glass, garnet; millefiori, inlaid, granulation, filigree, cloisonné