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GOAT (Greatest of All Time), the definitive book on Muhammad Ali published in January 2004 by Taschen includes a selection of Peter Angelo Simon's study of Ali training for the African fight.


Sweat Bee Behavior: Do Sweat Bees Bite Or Sting

Sweat Bees In Gardens: Tips For Sweat Bee Control - Sweat bees are often seen flying around the garden with a heavy load of pollen on their back legs. Don't let the fear of sweat bee stings keep you out of your garden. Find out how to control sweat bees and avoid stings in this article.


How to Clean the Mildew Under the Toilet Bowl Rim

The underside of the toilet bowl rim is shady and wet, in short, an ideal place for mildew to grow. That's why you need to regularly clean your toilet bowl with a disinfectant, but even if you do that, you may find it difficult to remove the black or brown discoloration. That could either be because the tank is feeding organisms into the bowl or...


How to Get Rid of Sweat Bees Around a Pool

Sweat bees are bees that are attracted to human sweat. Sweat bees are relatively small and often make their homes in wood. All bees, including sweat bees need to search and collect water. They will use whatever water source is nearby, even pools. Sweat bees can become a pest, and definitely a health concern for anyone who is allergic to bee stings....


Beekeeping Basics: Show Me the Honey

Beekeeping Basics: Show Me the Honey - This is it, the moment you have been working toward all year long. Mites, bears, stings, sticky hands, and hours of sweating in your bee suit--all of these challenges will seem trivial as you grasp the handle of the extractor, give it a good spin and watch your first batch of honey begin to flow from the spout. How sweet it is indeed.