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then Tyler will stop the whole concert for a moment to tell us something "very important" Josh's sweat got on his arm and he will never wash his arm again hashtag concert memories

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Tris Prior (Divergent), Augustus Waters (The Fault in our Stars), Newt (The Maze Runner), Primrose Everdeen (Hunger Games), Finick Odair (Hunger Games). This is too much. (╥_╥) (╥﹏╥) ≥﹏≤

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No, I'm not crying my eyes are just...just.. sweating

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He left her for what was only meant to be a day, but when he got back, he found out that she left him forever. IT'S WAY TO MUCH TOO HANDLE! #allegiant

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A Low-Impact Elliptical Workout

As with most gym equipment, if you’re not wearing a heart rate monitor, the exact calorie count may be a little off, so don’t read too much into them. However, you can burn as many calories on an elliptical as you do on a treadmill (and maybe even more), you just have to work harder to compensate for the fact that there’s no energy exertion from lifting your feet, Pire explains. As with most things, it all comes down to how hard you’re actually working.

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It will be worth it. As long as I get carido on Tues/Fri and training MWF. I know I can do it and 15 aint too much

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How to Not Gain Weight This Holiday Season

Workout Exercises : Did you know Swiss chard has over 300% of your daily required Vitamin K, which helps prevent heart disease? Check out these reasons why you should be sweet on Swiss chard! #skinnyms #healthy

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4 Steps To Get A Better Butt

4 steps to get a better butt. Though I have realize that I have been pinning way too much about food and wine..

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He tasted of sweat and blood, but I forgot about everything for the seconds that his lips were on mine. He held my hand away from his face, keeping me from healing him. "I deserve the pain," he gasped between breaths. I felt his strength start to dissipate and he fell into me. "Let me die." He slurred in my ear as his legs gave and he collapsed to the ground. "Let me go." He moaned but I shook my head. "Never. I love you too much. I love you." I promised as I began to work my magic…

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