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Loosly translated from Swedish "Don't forget what a treasure an ordinary day is" @ Best Western Arken Hotel

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I didn't know there was a word for this. I always called it the Goldilocks Syndrome.

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∆ líѕztσmαníα ∞ thє nєєd tσ líѕtєn tσ muѕíc αt αll tímєѕ ∆ rαínє hσσd

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Viewing Life Through the Eyes of Faith, Not of Sense

Now isn't this the truth! Never tackle these things alone. Talk it out with how ever will listen. Seriously. It's never as bad or as big as you are imagining. And smile, even when you don't want to. A smile makes everything easier. ;)

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"Minns igår. Dröm om imorgon. Lev idag" | Swedish saying meaning "Remember yesterday. Dream about tomorrow. Live today"

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