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7 Fascinating Skincare Habits of Swedish Women

Swedish skincare secrets

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Sweden must have more beautiful women per capita than any country I've visited. I fell in love everyday walking down the street....

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Hailey Henson- Gunnar's mate (22). Hailey was born in Sweden to an American mother and Swedish father. She has a love for cooking and baking and will often be seen grocery shopping for the men of the house. She is very tomboyish and will often be seen with her headphones in, listening to heavy rock.

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The average woman from each country

The average woman from each country

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Oh my man!! My warrior!!

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Swedish Weaving & Huck Embroidery Made Easy

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True... 21: the women are pretty but the boys are the the most delicious thing

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Britt Ekland - Britt-Marie Eklund (born 6 October 1942), better known as Britt Ekland, is a Swedish actress and singer, and a long-time resident of the United Kingdom. She is best known for her roles as a Bond girl in The Man with the Golden Gun, and in the British cult horror film The Wicker Man, as well as her marriage to actor Peter Sellers, and her high-profile social life

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Reconstruction of a Mesolithic Swedish woman.

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Swedish women often wear three bands: one for engagement, one for marriage and one for motherhood. Not only is this a sweet tradition it also looks gorgeous! - I have three rings for exactly those reasons ❤

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