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A Witch's broom - Besom - is always round, not flat ~ and it is not used for sweeping the dirt from the floor - actually, the bristles don't even need to touch the floor - the Besom is used to sweep away negativity and all that is not wanted during a ritual...

from Disney Family

Halloween Games for Kids

Fun! Two even lines of kids. They have to push a pumpkin with the broom down to the line and back, then the next kid goes. First line to finish wins. Smaller prizes since there would be multiple winners. I was thinking we could do this on the back patio or in the grass with real pumpkins. We could use fake pumpkins but that may be to easy.


As the spine-tingling tale goes, the wicked witch that once blazed the skies on our Animated Sweeping Broom was frightened off by an even more terrifying specter from another dimension. Her broom has been disquietingly sweeping, waiting for return, ever since. | Halloween Haven by Grandin Road