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Here are the 20 Most Romantic Texts Ever Sent - and Posted Online. :)

Precious text messages <3

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60+ Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas I Love

Lol, at first i didnt see it. Thats what i get for skipping through words.

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12 Adorable Texts That'll Make You Warm And Fuzzy

12 Adorable Love Texts Between Couples | YourTango

Relationships - Lukeomg guess what!? i think Luke might like me!! he was being sooo nice to me in english class.really!? maybe he does!! u should TOTALLY ask him out.really? im not sure... what if he doesnt like me though!? ohhh, i wish i could tell him telepathically so he wouldnt have to see my face...check who ur texting. O. M. G.will you go out with me?

Aw. Just... telling a girl over the phone is not the way to do it... Unless you're standing right behind her! Just to see reaction before you reveal yourself.

Top 16 Funny Text Messages that will Make You Laugh

16 Funny Text Messages that will Make You Laugh

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Read: OMG you guys today they were showing the homecoming court couples and the freshman class one came out. While they were walking out they were saying facts about the couple over the speaker and the said the princes favorite color was the color of her eyes!!!!:0000 AWWW #foreveralone-Ash