My Mom used this on all of his kids especially when I did synchronized swimming !! Loved water ballet & exercises but my ears didn't!! With this remedy my Mom used we never got swimmer's ear .. So glad to see this out there .. I still use it and used it on my own kids! Works great after showers too!(:

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A natural ear infection remedy that you can do at home? Yes! I'll share my favorite ear infection remedies and how we've beat ear pain for over a decade!

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Пил ранее по 300 ед L-Тироксина. Начал пить ЛАМИНИН. 4 месяца и щитовидка восстановилась без медицины.Видео

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Save money by not needing to go to the vet for ear infections with this dog ear cleaner recipe

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Fast and Easy Remedy for Swimmers Ear | The Healthy Home Economist - Colloidal silver for outer ear infections

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To prevent swimmer’s ear, put about 4 drops of this homemade ear drop solution (1 part vinegar to 1 part alcohol) in each ear after a day in the water. This is not for use if you already have an existing ear infection– the alcohol simply helps dry out your ears while the vinegar helps combat the build-up of bacteria. If desired, insert cotton balls into ear to hold in ear for a bit.

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Natural Remedies for Swimmers Ear - Ever had swimmers ear? It's not fun, as my husband can recently attest to. Here's a few tips to keep from getting it and what to do to help get rid of it.

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