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Vintage Encyclopedia Illustration - Swimming Strokes

Hahaha the lack of detail is hilarious, butterfly is not even close to that easy. And when the heck will you ever use side kick in a swim meet

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A Closer Look At Different Swimming Strokes

Swimming Workouts | 35 Minute Summer Swim Workout » My Fitness Today


Inspired by the amazing swimmers you're seeing on TV? Find out how you can use swimming strokes to target your workout goals.


The Best Swim Stroke for a Fat Belly

Tummy trouble is no fun, especially when it's the kind that comes between you and your favorite two-piece. While no swim stroke specifically targets abdominal muscles, freestyle is an aerobic activity that burns calories while effectively working your core. The right freestyle drills can absolutely help. Swimming freestyle with an emphasis on flutter and dolphin kicking drills at least twice a week can help tone abs and burn the calories needed for overall weight loss.

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Speedo Swim Fitness Training Plan

Hello again fitness swimmers! It's week 4 of our 8 week swim training plan. The distance is increasing week by week.  Week one was 3200 metres overall, whereas this week you'll be swimming 4800 met...

Michael Phelps swimming exercise infographic

Michael Phelps swimming exercise infographic


This is my favorite breast stroke video that i have been able to find on youtube as far as being able to see the stroke for an extended period of time from different angles. I have watched it many times as a continued effort to perfect my stroke. I personally find remembering to move my legs into a TOTALLY straight position after my kick actually improves the kick that follows.

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Benefits of Swimming: 10 Reasons Every Woman Should Get in the Water

Benefits of Swimming: It Counts as Both Cardio and Strength Training -


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