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Berlin Swing! Dance Music Of The 20'S & 30'S (Ger)

Berlin Swing! Dance Music Of The & (Ger)


Via “Swing dancing” is an umbrella term for any dance done to swinging jazz music from the 1920s, 30s or 40s. The most popular (and spectacular) of these dances was the Lindy Hop - a partnered dance that evolved out of the Charleston in the late 1920s, in Harlem New York. It is named after aviator Charles Lindbergh (1927 newspaper headlines read “Lindy Hops The Atlantic”). It is sometimes just called The Lindy, and some parts of the world knew it as The Jitterbug.


Swing Dancing <3 princess dip!!!! I can totally do this!!!! I may kill my partners back in the process but I could do it

from ActiveRain

North Myrtle Beach soon to celebrate Fall Shag week

Shag Dancing is the official dance of both S. Carolina & N. Carolina. As a South Carolina native & a resident of the Ocean Drive area of SC, Shag music is engrained in my soul. "Officially born in the 1950s, Shag dancing is similar to Swing dancing & consists of a six-count foot pattern. Billy Jeffers & "Chicken" Hicks are 2 of the "founding fathers" of Shag, credited with developing the dance by slowing down the original tempo of the jitterbug & incorporating sexier, looser movements into…