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Switzerland Economy

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The First Flyer – Grindelwald, Switzerland. I think speeding down a mountain on a 2,400 foot cable, reaching speeds of 55mph just about sounds like the most fun thing ever. Look at those views!

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Details about Knowledge magazine No154, Switzerland:Economy, The Bovidae, Aristides, 1965

The economic collapse in Venezuela is an unfortunate real-time lesson that can help us prepare for the future if we are willing to evaluate the situation.


Switzerland's Too Strong For Its Own Good

NPR writes about the strength that the Switzerland's economy has had. The currency in Switzerland in not the Euro but the Swiss Franc. They also go over the trouble that Switzerland is facing because of it.

Exports in 2010 In the picture above you see switzerland’s exports and imports. Switzerland exports many things. They export jewelry. They are also known for fine goods. They do a tiny bit of diamonds. Even though they are known for cheese and chocolate but they only make up less than 1% of their exports.

Economy Broxodent In video above there is a broxodent brush and commercial for it. Many inventions were made in switzerland. Most commonly was broxodent the first electric toothbrush made by Philip guy Wood. Not only was the electric toothbrush made but also aluminum foil. Also plastic wrap was created in switzerland as well as cellophane. Also commonly known is swiss chocolate which has to be made in switzerland.

More than Honey, a film by Markus Imhoof, is a beautifully made documentary about the disappearance of bees worldwide and what it means for our food supply and economy. For screening schedule or to find out how to host a screening, visit

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