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In mathematics, a Cayley graph, also known as a Cayley colour graph, Cayley diagram, group diagram, or colour group[1] is a graph that encodes the abstract structure of a group. Its definition is suggested by Cayley's theorem (named after Arthur Cayley) and uses a specified, usually finite, set of generators for the group. It is a central tool in combinatorial and geometric group theory. (A Cayley graph of the symmetric group S4)

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IC 2574: Coddington's Nebula (June 22 2012) Image Credit & Copyright: Stephen Leshin Grand spiral galaxies often seem to get all the glory, flaunting their young, bright, blue star clusters in beautiful, symmetric spiral arms. But small, irregular galaxies form stars too. In fact dwarf galaxy IC 2574 shows clear evidence of intense star forming activity in its telltale pinkish regions of glowing hydrogen gas. Just as in spiral galaxies, the turbulent star-forming regions in IC 2574 (...)…

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Rare Paul McCobb "Symmetric Group" Sofa for Widdicomb

Wonderful gallery Wall, love the thin gold frames, very light and bright touch!

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Paul McCobb 'Symmetric Group' Sofa for Widdicomb

Paul McCobb "Symmetric Group" Sofa for Widdicomb 1

frame collaging, u can/may collage anything u so ever please, u have my permission.! le sillouettes/cameos remind me of ours on our mums wall when we were wee little ones

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